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Review of StableHost Hosting

I haven’t done an overview of a hosting company in a while now and I remember when I got to use dedicated servers and VPSs that I utilized do periodical reviews of them to confirm that they’d keep their quality.

Ever since becoming a shared hosted user, I’ve never really done a comparison for shared hosts as I didn’t consider them that important. That really is, of course, far from the truth. However, I’ve got to give my current host credit as they have only lately, or especially this year have been very nice.

One year ago, however, I actually had a few bad experiences and very nearly switched web hosts.

Those bad experiences included my entire web directory being exposed for a brief period on an aggregate directory.

I was, however, compensated for that and I actually haven’t was required to pay any hosting bills, to use on the past 5 months, as they credited my account with $50; my web hosting monthly bill is only $3.95. – I still have 3 months of free hosting left.

While the host has not been perfect, they haven’t done anything to make me switch to another web host. However, I still am thinking very hard of switching hosts due to other reasons.

In 2012, however, I faced serious troubles with things being slow and I asked if I could be went to another server. They did this and then i saw improvements. But, as I’m writing this now, I’m getting really bad loading times on my websites. It really has made me want to move hosts and I’m still considering moving.

I’d like to add that regarding the first 3-4 months or the majority of 2013, much has been running smoothly. I haven’t really had any problems. However, I can’t always monitor my site and at times I do get rather annoyed with how slowly my sites are loading. Whether it’s a user on the same server using a number of CPU or their servers not being up scratch; well, I don’t know.

While their servers speeds have already been an issue, their support is superb. I’ve been with Stablehost since December 2nd, 2011 and I whenever I’ve needed to contact them, I haven’t been left stranded and they do reply. After checking my support tickets, they appear to respond inside the hour, which is pretty decent for a shared host. I remember the last host that I left in-place for Stable Host responded within 1-3 hours.

I’m quite content and happy along with their response times; however, this year, I haven’t really had to contact them all too much as their service, in most cases, has been going well. Aside from periodical slowness, I can’t complain too much. But that is also a deal-breaker for me. If my sites are running slow then people won’t like browsing my sites and that simply is not good. Are their servers being overused? Who could say. Are they pro-actively dealing with it? I don’t know.

Although think this host is ‘okay’, I definitely think they have to make improvements. I'd rate this host 4 out of 5.

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